Ceyenna Kanne

Monarch Butterfly

Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

American Burying Beetle

Filming Day


Ceyenna Kanne

[BFA] Interdisciplinary Arts

[BA] Psychology

The uncharismatic nature of insects leads them to be overlooked or even exterminated. I find that when taking a closer look at insects they reveal diverse textures, sizes, and characters. One of the world’s rarest insects, the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. The discovery of this beetle led me to a path of creative research about how humans react to the insects living around us, leading to the idea for Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a performance art piece that explores the life cycle of three endangered insects native to Nebraska. The insects in my piece are the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, American Burying Beetle, and Monarch Butterfly. I am particularly interested in personifying these insects to bring awareness to their characteristics and environment. Through choreographed movements and interpretive dance, costumed performers embody the struggles facing these three insects while highlighting the importance of environmental conservation.


Ceyenna Kanne is graduating with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and a BA in Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her work has been exhibited in three juried exhibitions and an Elgas promise award competition. While attending UNL, Kanne has won many prestigious and competitive awards, including the Elgas promise award, a Deans Purchase award, and a Scholarly Creativity Activity grant for her capstone performance, Metamorphosis. During the summer of 2020 she interned at the LUX Center for the Arts creating craft at home videos and collaborating with other artists on an art safari walk and drive-through installation. She received an Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) award during 2021-2022, researching insect conservation and creating a performance art piece based on her research. See more of her work at https://ceyennakanne.com/work.