Connor Bruggeman

Physicality of Type
An Exploration Tangible Typography Design

BFA Graphic Design

 While at UNL studying graphic design I’ve heard from many designers how much they enjoy certain creative electives, for example, bookmaking or painting, largely due to the fact that you can get away from your computer screen and primarily be able to work with your hands. It’s not a secret that sometimes the act of creating something is almost as important as the final outcome in a lot of ways. I think it would be hard to find someone in a creative field who doesn’t think this way on some level. Physicality of Type is designed to invite the viewer to take a step back, examine and experiment with tangible design elements and typography to introduce the viewer to something they may not have seen.  An increasing interest in typography as an image, or object, continues to capture my imagination through new innovations in digital technology and design processes. Typography has evolved from the physical form of the letterpress to flattened reproductions, to intangible digital environments and recently into expressive physical manifestations. This thesis is a personal journey through a range of typographic approaches, transforming traditional methods into new typographic forms that incorporate materials, textures, and physicality into the design process. The aim is to develop new ways of working in design while expanding the visual language of the current material-type models. I wanted to explore how using different textures, materials and scale can produce a more humanistic response to type/three-dimensional letters. I also wanted to experiment with curating the space with three-dimensional typography using different materials and sizes out of context to explore typographical forms in hopes of learning something new and getting my hands dirty in the process.


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