Gannen Ingalls

Gannen Ingalls

[BFA] Sculpture

The human body is central to my work. By replicating the same ambiguous size and curvaceous shapes, these pieces highlight issues of self-image. Creating two of them amplifies the matter and in doing so, they form a unique bond. Individually placed, they appear awkward and out of place. When together, they are imperative. The pieces need each other to fit the context in which I am trying to place. 

I create a companion for each separate sculpture because I believe connections with others is indispensable. These relationships formed were founded from personal experiences with friends, family, lovers, etc., but are not limited to it. As a result, they have become stand-ins for the human condition. I see these works as hopeful, that our relationships give us strength to get through any issues we may have with ourselves.  


Gannen Ingalls is a Bachelor of Fine Arts student from the University of NebraskaLincoln. Originally from Shelby, Nebraska, Gannen makes larger than life, abstract sculptures in works to break away from her small-town ways. She has participated in a number of shows, multiple of them being within the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery, the LUX Center for the Arts, and the Medici Gallery. She is grateful to have been the recipient of awards such as the Greg and Doris Kallos Scholarship, as well as the W.R. and Madeline Kerkow Scholarship. Gannen has continued to instruct at the LUX Art Gallery and has worked side-by-side with Amy Tomasevicz for teaching creatives in Nebraska. In doing so, she has been able to represent the necessity of relationships in her art.