Libby Allan

Sybil is a planner app made for autistic people in mind. There are many apps for children with autism but little help for adults. So I created an easily digestible app that relies on imagery to help autistic people stay organized without feeling overwhelmed.


To make my app with autistic people in mind, I went to Reddit to ask people on the autism spectrum what they would want in an app.


sib·yl- A woman able to foretell the future.

Sybil is an oracle to one’s future when someone struggles with staying organized. I wanted a straightforward and customizable design, so I created three separate color palettes. 

Users could choose a color palette to help them pay attention to the app or reduce eye strain. I also created icons for several different events; users could quickly look at the icon and know what comes next in their day.

Final Concept

Find more of my work here.