Caroline White

The Face, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Cricket, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Flowstone, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Ribs, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Throat, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Column, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Overhang, Ink and Gel Pen, 2023

Caroline White

[BA] Drawing

[Minor] English

I am invigorated by the scale, variety, and age of the natural world, and particularly interested in the marks I and other humans leave. My drawings are made of marks in both white and black ink, which creates a near-sculptural drawing process where the image is both built up and carved away. This process mimics the slow depositing of calcite by water droplets that creates speleothem, or cave formations, like stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone. The incremental growth of these structures is beyond human temporal perception, but is frozen in time by human interference, as the oil from human skin prevents the calcite from bonding to the growing speleothem. This series of works is based on Lost Cove, a cave hidden in the rolling hills of the South Cumberland Mountains near Sewanee, Tennessee.


Caroline White is an emerging artist in Lincoln, Nebraska. Through mixed media drawings, she explores the reciprocal effects between people and nature, in both domestic and wild, mundane and extraordinary settings. She uses monochromatic media in unique combinations to achieve high contrast and to affect how light interacts with the drawings as an object. She is obtaining a BA in Studio Art with a Drawing Emphasis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her work was featured on the cover of “Tangling with the Epic”: a collaborative musical project.