Danae Contino

Through design I inspect the world.

Here, I inspect the brain. Though there has been significant scientific research regarding this organ, its innerworkings remain inexplicable and mysterious. My perceptual sculpture of the brain in transparent, fluorescent pink acrylic was created to portray the brain’s complexity. Composed of separate parts that coexist to run the human machine, the brain is just as much an illusion as it is tangible matter.

Hemiplegic Migraine is my constant companion. I have created motion graphics that work in tandem with the brain sculpture. My objective is to catapult the viewer into the existence of my neurological disorder. Brain fog, pain, disorientation, and electric vibrations are only a few of the symptoms that I translated through abstraction.

My intention is to simultaneously increase awareness of migraine and help my fellow migraineurs understand what is happening physiologically when they suffer a migraine attack.