Darby Carlin

House Salad in Citrus, Screen Print, 2023

Portrait of Sammie, Screen Print, 2023

Measure Up, Screen Print, 2023

House Salad in Bleu, Screen Print, 2023

Large Fry, Metal Sculpture, 2023

Darby Carlin

[BFA] Studio Art – Printmaking

As an artist and longtime food service worker, I create portraits of kitchen utensils and machines that I have grown familiar with through constant use. Making prints brings these objects into my world, allowing them to become an extension of the user, freeing them from the “back-of-house”. The repetitive nature of prints is analogous to the repetitive nature of kitchen work. With this I attempt to communicate the secret language of food service workers.


Darby Carlin is completing a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in printmaking at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln after transferring from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2022. Their prints have been included in exhibitions in the UNL’s Eisentrager-Howard Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute, and Linda Hall Library, as well as published in Sprung Formal, and Anthology. Carlin’s honors include the Thomas P. Coleman Printmaking Scholarship, as well as a Merit scholarship from the Kansas City Art Institute.