Nico Sepahpur

The Problem

1/10 of Americans don't have access to sufficient food, or food of an adequate quality to meet their basic needs. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of food in the United States is wasted.

How can we bring awareness to these problems and the statistics attached to them?
How do engage an audience and incentivize them to share the information? 
How can we provide aid those affected by the problem?

The Answer

An interactive and informative social campaign that provides easy opportunities to donate to a local organization fighting hunger.

‘Sell By’ social posts deploy simple illustrations and messaging that channel the complexities of food waste and hunger issues into something more palatable. These posts not only educate, but also lean on sponsorships from local business who agree to donate $1 to the Food Bank of Lincoln for each “like” the post receives. This makes participating more accessible for college-age audiences, and incentivizes them to re-share the content and the fundraiser to their followers.

($1105.04 raised as of 12/11/23)






'Sell By' magnets are an additional method for fundraising.
They are inspired by imperfect (and often wasted) foods.

100% of profits from magnet sales are donated to the Food Bank of Lincoln. They are also an excellent item to place on refrigerators as a gentle reminder to practice waste-conscious habits.

Coaster Cheat Sheets

Sell-By, Use-By, Best-By, and Freeze-By dates are confusing and often misleading.

This inefficient labeling system leads to literal tons of good-to-eat food getting prematurely thrown out each year. These coasters can rest in the kitchen and serve
as a quick reference for understanding food expiry labels. Stop by the gallery display
to get one!


The video in the gallery display combines elements
from the ‘Sell By’ campaign to tell a story about food insecurity and waste. 

Thank You 🙂