Quinn Domini

Quinn Domini

[BA] Painting

[Minor] Psychology

My work begins on the streets of my hometown, Topeka, Kansas where I make photographic portraits of people I meet. I then translate the photos into vibrant acrylic paintings. My capstone exhibition serves as a thank you to my hometown. Topeka has a rich history of inclusion and education, but it is also a town with a significant degree of poverty and crime. I  had to distance myself from the culture I grew up in to achieve and excel in higher education. My work is a tribute to the diverse and colorful community that continues to support my desire to learn and create.


Quinn Goodall is competing a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a minor in Psychology where she was awarded the George Beadle Scholarship. Her large, expressive paintings are based on candid portraits of people from her hometown of Topeka, Kansas. Her work was included in the 28th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition and the Undergraduate Capstone Exhibition in the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery.