Vic Lawrence

Transparent troubles is a project about invisible illnesses. This project an AR experience that will show people how common it is for someone to have an invisible or multiple illnesses. I have received many survey responses that I will use to help share this information.


I have many chronic illnesses that you wouldn’t know I had unless I told you. Many people do not realize this, and when they see a young, healthy-looking person who appears able bodied, parking in a ADA stall, they take offense to that. This has caused me to have people take pictures of me to post on social media, or have given me horrible looks and scold me for ‘taking the spot of someone who actually needs it.’

A 3D Rendered video of the Exhibit

A video of the Augmented Reality within the Exhibit

My exhibit has 6 people walking in Augmented Reality, which appear to be healthy humans walking normally, but you are able to walk up and tap on the person and a profile will pop up that will explain an invisible illness. That illness will be one that someone who completed my survey had. There is also a book that shows the survey responses I received. This is also so if someone is unable to view the AR they are still able to view my capstone.

A copy of the book is located below.

Exhibit Photos

Full picture of Exhibit

A full photo of the exhibit

Close up of ADA Sign

A close up of the ADA stall parking sign

Close up of Stall

A front photo of the Exhibit

Close up of IPad Pedestal

A close up of the IPad pedestal

Close up of Book stand

A close up of the book of surveys

Process Photos

Sketch of Exhibit

Sketch of how the exhibit will look

Preliminary test of how the 3D animations will look

Sketch with Dimensions

Sketch of Exhibit with dimensions

Setting Up the Exhibit

Bringing items into the Exhibit space

Sketch with AR Overlay

Sketch with an over lay of the concept for what the AR may look like

Setting Up the Exhibit

The yellow lines of the stall have been placed