Virginia Glaser

Mono No Aware, Watercolor, 2023

Mermaid and Friends, Watercolor, 2023

Timeless Roses, Colored Pencil, 2023

‘Ed Hardy’ Flash, Watercolor, 2023

Tiny Traditional, Colored Pencil, 2022

Virginia Glaser

[BFA] Ceramics

I create works in watercolor and colored pencil that display my skill, understanding, and love of tattoo art while also exploring my interest in the human condition. Tattoo art is always viewed as permanent, but the human condition is such that we are not permanent. My work is comprised of designs that can be placed permanently on an impermanent body for the love of art.


Virginia Glaser began her journey in the art world at a young age with her mother sharing her own love of art. After high school Virginia attended Concordia University, receiving multiple scholarships in their art program. While majoring in Art Education and teaching an after-school art program, Virginia discovered the desire to learn more about humanity and psychology. She transferred to The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in her sophomore year to study psychology with a minor in art. She found herself missing the creative process and decided to return to an art major. This ultimately would lead her to working in the tattoo industry at Big O Tattoo in Lincoln, NE. There she will apprentice in tattooing after graduation from the BA Art program at UNL in December of 2023.