Avry Victor

Avry Victor

[BFA] Drawing

[BFA] Painting

I Wanna Be Like Her When I’m Older

As an only child, I spent years becoming one of my own best friends, both by choice and by convenience, and as a result was able to cultivate my sense of self quickly. While I was always aware of my deep sensitivity, I was often reminded of it by the people around me. Still now, the value of sensitivity is deemed as a trait to keep at bay.

My work is all about introspection and celebrating the parts of me that I’ve felt and been told I have “too much of”— emotions, thinking, vulnerability. The process of building up layers of oil paint and carefully pulling out the colors under the surface of each image is similar to the process in which I’ve thought about myself and how the abundance of each of these traits influences who I am at my core. I’ve used this body of work as a way to meditate on them and understand how they’ve made me who I am at this moment.


Avry Victor is a multimedia artist from Lincoln, Nebraska who works primarily in oil and gouache paints. Up until her mid teens she had never been exposed to artwork of black people as the subject, nevertheless created by black painters. This would catapult her passion and eventually inspire much of her reasoning behind making the work she does. Whether it be the subject of her pieces or the message being told through it, much of her paintings focus on black culture and her experience as a young black woman. Throughout the past several years she’s been exploring a multitude of mediums, however it’s her paintings that have been able to express her interest and sensitivity to color the best. Her seemingly quick process of building up small patches of color to create one cohesive image is what makes her work noticeably hers.