Coda Haight

Growing up, I came across all sorts of “claims” and information about Autism. After my professional diagnosis at sixteen, I realized something concerning: What even is Autism? Turns out there’s a lot of outdated information around it, and by digging into what Autism was, I began a journey of self discovery and glimpses of an identity I never realized I was hiding.

This is a simplified introduction about Autism and examines different aspects and parts of Autism that many people don’t know of, including other Autistics like myself. Different traits of Autism that are sparingly talked about, the concept of masking, special interests and what those are, and a personal self reflection on what Autism really is. This isn’t a question only for others, but also for myself. There are lots of negative connotations and stereotypes with Autism, so when going forth with examining the complexities of Autism, learning about it from an Autistic themselves offers a unique and often hidden and ignored. This is a learning experience not only for others, but for me and potentially other Autistics still trying to find out who they are.

I made a motion graphic video that dips a toe into some misconceptions and largely unspoken things about Autism. I give a as simple as possible definition of Autism, and name different traits some people don’t know well with Autism, showing a glimpse of how expansive and complex Autism can be, how fluid of a spectrum it is. Even though this is informative, it is also fun and colorful, showcasing some helpers of mine for this video: My longest running special interest, seals, but especially harp seals. Showing a part of my autistic traits in this video helps offer a fun and unique spin on how autism and information and discussion around it is displayed.