Dylan Wonder – Graphic Design

Dylan Wonder

[BA] Graphic Design

[BA] Sculpture

My work is focused on creating furniture that can serve multiple purposes. From modular systems that can be adapted to any need, to putting storage in extra places, I seek to explore what all is possible when it comes to furniture.

This project focuses on Modular Furniture. The idea being a brand of furniture that would be able to work together as a system, with the capability to add or remove pieces depending on whatever needs each individual person has. The types of furniture would include couches, tables, and even cabinetry. The other benefit to this would be that it’d save people money if they wanted to ever remodel their home because they wouldn’t have to tear everything out and remodel.


I am originally from Omaha, NE, I graduated from Ralston High School and went on to study at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I started out studying Computer Science but quickly realized that was not where my passion and talents would be best used. I switched over to Graphic Design in my second year of college. But after a couple of years, what I was passionate about and wanted to focus on became clear, so I changed my major from being a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design to a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, while also adding a second Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Sculpture. This change would allow me to utilize my skills and do what makes me happy.