Emma Wobig

Emma Wobig

[BFA] Photography

Across the train tracks, north of downtown Lincoln, lies my home for the past 2 years, The North Bottoms Neighborhood. A historic neighborhood that is often stereotyped by some as dangerous and even considered unattractive, due solely to its availability for lower income housing. Through my many walks photographing around the neighborhood, I’ve learned from my neighbor’s stories and experiences, how this community has collectively experienced a loss a shared identity. This loss being due to the consistent urban growth in downtown Lincoln, the rise in demand for college housing has forced this historic neighborhood to be crushed by gentrification and rising housing costs.

I have always been drawn to the sublime beauty and stories that exist in places like this; places so normal, so daily, and so ordinary that we tend to overlook them. With my series of work, I’ve chosen to focus on the small quirks and charm of these somewhat ordinary places. These images highlight the homes and backyards that haven’t yet been stripped of their unique characteristics and unveils a neighborhood that still has stories to tell.


Emma Wobig is from Lincoln, Nebraska, and in her fifth year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she is pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in photography. Her work has been included in the UNL 35th Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, the UNL Photo Club Exhibition at a Threshold, and the UNL 36th Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. She has also held solo exhibitions including Outside the Gaze at the Medici Gallery in 2022. Her work is inspired by her interest in vernacular architecture and its ability to reflect culture.