Gabrielle Ragland

The World Is Changing is a capstone created with a focus on climate change. My hope with this capstone topic was to learn something new through my research about something I am passionate about and to make each viewer think about the world and their place in it. I think it is easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and it’s hard to think and focus on the big picture. In particular, I hoped to create approachable and interesting content to get children interested in the possible solutions to mitigate climate change, and instill hope in future generations that with the right changes to the way we treat our world, the future may not be as bleak as it sometimes seems. 

I created an 8-page publication with hand-drawn illustrations and typography utilizing The Newspaper Club for printing. I chose to create work about climate change in this matter because I think long scientific publications can feel daunting and may not always hold the attention of a wider variety of viewers. I wanted to convey my research simply and make these spreads visually interesting for all ages.

I wanted to push my publication further by incorporating the use of augmented reality to bring two of my pages in the publication to life.

The Temperature Fiber Graph is a sculptural piece installed in the capstone space to visually represent climate change. The temperature fiber graph begins with 1900, progressing over 100 years, ending with 2022. Each wooden dowel represents a year, and each fiber represents an increase in temperature. The lightest color of blue fiber represents the coldest temperature from the shown timespan, and the deepest red represents the hottest temperature. Each weaved line of green beads represents the average global land and sea temperature for that given year.