Kate Askey

Kate Askey

[BA] Ceramics

[Minor] English

Titled “As Above So Below,” this body of pots and accompanying diptych elicits exploration of the subconscious, providing a map and symbols wherein one may orient themself. Position is critical, as certain angles will reveal or conceal differing bits of information in the landscape of pots and paint.

The images and forms in this project draw inspiration from compositions of aerial landscapes and macro photography. The ceramic pieces are functional and sculptural, acting as an installation combined. Lines and color reference structures taking place on differing ends of the spectrum of the scale of human perception. The work is complete when patterns are recognized, connections are made, and figures are identified.


Kate Askey was born and raised in Nebraska. Her creative practice includes drawing, painting, ceramics, and writing. Interested in visual and written communication, her work deals with subject matter that is psychological and reflective as it seeks to ground her audience in nature’s great gestalt. Her work was featured in the 2023 UNL Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.