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H1: & I approve this message! H2:The evolution, investigation, and transformation of political campaign creative direction p:Throughout our country's history, the branding and art direction of political campaigns have become a major factor as strategies have become amplified louder than ever. Not only have these campaigns changed and grown through new developments in technology and media, but their funding has grown exponentially due to federal legislation and political action committees. While billions of dollars are raised and spent on elections, voter turnout has only raised slightly due to social issues and a more tense political climate. If more money than ever is going into gaining people's votes, then why are US voter turnout rates stagnant? Political researchers have been digging for the answer to that question, but we do know that: many Americans still don't care, or at least don't know why they should care; many Americans aren't registered in time/don't have a voting plan (especially in states where it's a lengthier process); attack ads deter moderate voters from even showing up; and so on, but regardless, we need to find how to solve these problems. My capstone prompts viewers to think critically about past and current design and implementation of political campaigns, they will understand the need to explore other possibilities when it comes to political campaigning. In addition, by emphasizing the importance of having strong brand strategy and art direction in any campaign, current political campaign strategies can be modified to be able to better cater to several differing target audiences, differentiate themselves from the competition, and raise brand/candidate awareness and engagement; which in its highest form would be volunteering, donating, and voting. With this context and information, viewers will then be invited to explore the future and possibilities of political campaigns, including grassroots and modern methods of content promotion, virality, and getting consumers involved (and thus get voters voting).
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