Luci Packard

Luci Packard

[BFA] Painting

Mom’s House

My paintings explore how women navigate in domestic interiors. The paintings dissect interpersonal relationships between the subject and viewer. My current series, Mom’s House, focuses on my relationship with my mother. I play with spectatorship within private spaces to evoke complicated feelings of love and loneliness. The works are conceptual narratives that focus on ownership of space, identity, the subconscious, and adding nuance to femininity.


Luci Packard is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Luci is an active participant in her local art community in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. She served as the UNL Painting Club President for two terms and acted as a student ambassador in the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts. Luci’s work focuses on the exploration of self, ownership of space, and adding nuance to femininity.