Manuel Paredes-Castaneda

AI Capstone Space

Artificial Intelligence is a topic that has become more mainstream to the public as it develops. My hope for this project is to educate those that may be unfamiliar, ask a few questions, and have a discussion. While we may be miles off what science fiction has portrayed in the past, the current iterations of A.I. are catching up and showing impressive results over the years to the point that it’s almost scary. 

The posters on the wall were designed to be based on a futuristic software interface since we are approaching closer to the tech of the future than we realize.

On the first poster grid is a bit of an introduction to A.I. that defines what it’s about and a few applications it currently has. It also has a timeline from when it started to the modern day.

The second poster grid is more of a discussion piece that talks about the positives and negatives that A.I. brings to the table as well as a few questions that we should be asking. If science fiction is anything to go by, some concerns are warranted.  

If you want to know what A.I. is capable of, examples are playing on an iPad showing just a taste of its potential. Ranging from A.I.-generated images to full-blown videos and even replicating vocal ranges of famous artists like Drake and Kayne West. There are flaws in what A.I. can generate but even at its worst it’s still relatively convincing and it’ll only improve from here.