Minn Zaw

Hey there! I’m Minn Zaw, a graphic designer fueled by a passion for creating captivating visuals.


In my biomimicry capstone project, I focused on animals like jellyfish, butterflies, birds, and flowers as sources of inspiration. These remarkable creatures served as the foundation for my research and design exploration. I investigated the unique characteristics of jellyfish for advancements in underwater robotics, studied the vibrant patterns of butterflies for visual design inspiration, analyzed the aerodynamics of birds for transportation and energy efficiency ideas, and examined the functional properties of flowers for sustainable packaging concepts. To visually represent these concepts, I utilized origami, allowing me to recreate intricate natural forms and patterns. Through this project, I aimed to showcase the potential of biomimicry and demonstrate how nature-inspired design, combined with origami, can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions.

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