Reid Martin

Reid Martin

[BFA] Painting

As a painter and builder, I believe that art should not only be visually appealing but also have a deeper meaning that stimulates the viewer’s thoughts and emotions. For me, the content is suffused into the craft. With this, I strive to construct works that not only showcase my technical abilities but also convey a message or concept that challenges the viewer’s perspective. Many of these concepts are a commentary on humans’ innate desire for cognitive closure.

            My approach to art often revolves around the reinterpretation of popular culture, ranging from past artists, architects, and designers alike. My work comes from a place of uncertainty, as I constantly find myself questioning anything and everything. This intense selfcriticality culminates itself into the substantial craft that is at the forefront of my mission. With this, I aim to encourage the audience to question the notions of creativity and originality. In a world where alternatives and derivatives are ubiquitous, the concept of originality becomes blurry.


Reid Martin was raised in Nebraska for the entirety of his upbringing, splitting much of his time between his grandparents small town farm and Lincoln. Originally coming to college to pursue Architecture, Reid left after just one short year, transferring to where he is now, the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts. With this transition between what once was interdisciplinary topics, many design sensibilities and thought processes transferred over quite perfectly. At first, these sensibilities were lost in translation, but all it took was leaning into his talents. While embracing these architectural tactics and sensibilities, Reid has explored space as a whole through the construction of atypically shaped canvas. Emphasizing his building ability, these shaped canvases act as the piece with a focus on the craft.