River Lemons

River Lemons

[BA] Drawing

[Minor] Psychology

Identity is something people often struggle with as they grow up. As we learn to navigate the world, we take comfort in anything we can have control over. In a world that runs on the male/female binary, it’s not uncommon to see true forms of self-expression go repressed and unexplored. When someone dares to be bold or different, it is often met with a heavy pushback and shame from the general public.

With my work, I strive to tell the stories of those who choose to break free from the binary. I wish to celebrate the humanity in those of us who don’t conform to societal standards. I treasure the eccentric, the ordinary, and everything in between. My wish is for people to see the beauty in just how unique humans can be, while provoking conversations that ultimately lead to a more caring, understanding world.


River Morgan is a digital illustrator based in Lincoln, Nebraska. They create work that explores the ideas of gender nonconformity through detailed illustrations and storytelling. Beginning in high school, they discovered a passion for drawing, and took that through their education in art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They will be graduating in May of 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Art.