Jake Kennedy

Brand Creation

Community Oriented Designer.

Thesis Statement


Edible mushrooms are a delicacy all over the world. Mushroom Foraging (the finding and cultivating of mushrooms) has been a hobby and income source throughout history. Today, society has fallen for common misconceptions of wild mushrooms related to their safety and obscurity. Through extensive design research into the culture of mycologists and mushroom hunters, my goal is to educate people on the values of mushroom foraging and to make this seasoned tradition more accessible to people.

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NEI Relo
Administrative Assistant
Worked alongside account executives on acquisition documents for clients such as Coca-Cola, SpaceX, and Union Pacific for work transfers. Made sure payment and documents for the properties were in order. Honed communication skills within a professional workplace.

Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards
Video Production 
Ideated, designed, and edited the main presentation for the OEAA. Video edited with Premiere Pro requiring organization of over 400 nominee photos.

Graphics Intern
Marketing using print graphics for Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and smaller breweries. Concepting potential themes for product packaging. Menu and layout revisions for local Iowa businesses and venues.




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2018 — Hudl We Listen Intern-
2017 — Adobe Creative Jam People’s Choice Winner-