Jenna Altman

Music Performance Social Media

I am a graphic designer.

Thesis Statement

Musician Self-Management and Promotion

For musicians seeking to expand their career, promotion of their music and performances requires many connections to meet their goals. Many are managing themselves at the beginning, and it may be a time consuming process to find venues to host their shows. In a time when most services are fast and simple and conveniently at our fingertips, it is time to simplify the business side of promotion for emerging artists. I intend to concept, brand, and prototype an app that allows musicians to be their own PR person, allowing them to book venues, post to their social media, and connect with fans all within one application.


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Design Intern
Designed layouts for newsletters for major clients such as Union Pacific, BNSF, ConAgra and Kellogg’s. Worked within each client’s branding guidelines and prepared files for print and web display.

Photo Tech
Experience processing digital photographs, as well as processing 35mm film with chemical film equipment. Knowledgable in operating various printers and media types, and building specialty photo products such as wood frame canvases and books.





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2017 — Nebraska AIGA SHOW Student Finalist-