Jingsi Li


Culturally Significant Gift Giving

Love design and illustration

Thesis Statement

Culturally Significant Gift Giving

Design research and compelling storytelling have become mandatory tools needed by all designers. I intend to demonstrate how my passion for cooking and Chinese culture could be combined to create a unique product. Drawing on common Chinese traditions for expressing love, sorrow, sympathy, and celebration, I will translate and illustrate these stories for a Non-Asian culture with an appreciation for meaningful but humble gifts. Each of the four products will also have an elevated experience typical of East Asian package design to reinforce the emotional significance of each of the gifts.

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Graphic Design & Illustrator
Design logos, branding, and graphics for local businesses.

SAVCS Sino-American Venture Capital Summit in Omaha
Video Editor
Design Posters, Video Editing for events.


2016-Chinese Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest-National Second Prize-
2016—Chinese National Aerobics Championship - First Prize-