Lacey Houck

Sustainable Farming

I am a graphic designer.

Thesis Statement

Sustainable Farming

Genetic modification has been highly debated since Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen made the first GMO in 1973. While much debate still remains today over the long-term health effects of GM Crops outside of the United States, American farmers and food manufacturers have widely adopted genetically modified crops. The environmental benefits are too great to pass up. It is my belief that by creating a unified identity and campaign surrounding the environmental benefits of GM Crops farmers will be able to dispel misconceptions and consumers will be more inclined to buy GM Foods. I examined how other similar campaigns like “Got Milk” and “What’s For Dinner” have unified and benefited the industry in the hopes to apply the research findings to my final work. I chose to apply a personal outreaching theme to my campaigns in order to capture a variety of audiences.

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My Design Jennifer Ruzsa
Design Intern
I was a collaborator on the annual horse sale catalog for Ruzsa Quarter Horses. I was mainly responsible for page layout and information input. I personally did research and write ups for over 30 foals and assisted in photographing the foals, 2000 catalogs were printed and dispersed.

UNL Rodeo Association
Head of Promotion
I lead a team of 7 in the promotion and general image of the UNRA. I designed posters and programs for various events, the biggest being advertisements, and programs for the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association rodeo that is hosted every spring with attendance being int the thousands.

Graphic Desginer
Design logos, advertisements, and graphics for local businesses.