Natalie Bender


Innovative Healing

I am a creative

Thesis Statement

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Health

Studies have shown that the rate of depression and anxiety is rapidly increasing among young Americans. Despite this rise in adolescent depression, there has not been an equal increase in mental health treatment. My senior thesis strives to address these problems in a healthy, holistic and positive way. I intend to demonstrate how product branding can be used to promote a healthy conversation, dispel embarrassing emotions, and encourage the development of community support networks.

At the core of my thesis is the Amudi line of jewelry. The Amudi brand is all about being in the moment and with those around you. What makes this jewelry so special is that you may purchase yoga inspired bracelets or necklaces made with natural crystals, that when worn signify not only your value for natural medicines and meditation but your support for those with depression and anxiety. The hope is that people will visibly have something in common and can feel comfortable getting to know those within this community.

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I worked as a barista at scooters coffee company. There I learned new skills like how to make a latte, and brew their signature coffee and many other skills . I also worked the register where I would greet the customers and create relationships with the regulars. I think thats what I enjoyed most about this job getting to know and meet new people, asking about their weekend or current on goings in their lives. I truly cared about the customers and wanted to brighten their day with their coffee.

Minority Health Disparities
Web Design Intern
MHDI is a organization working to improve the health and well being of all Nebraskan residents. I was tasked with the challenge to create their annual report in a web based format with a theme and identity for the new year. It had to be all laid out and designed so they could just simply insert photos and text as the events happened throughout the year. I was continuously working with the head coordinator to make a website both beautiful and functional for their needs.

Transformation Marketing 
Graphic Design Intern
Working for Transformation was a great experience where I made some amazing friendships and gained experience working with clients. I created branded flyers, truck wraps and website advertisements for trucking companies. While working there they had just signed on a new client who wanted a new brand entirely, logo, colors, website, business cards, truck wraps everything. I had a large part in creating several logo designs for our team to propose to them and after the logo was confirmed I worked with another designer to create a brand identity for them. I also made branded social media posts for all of their clients every week.

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Design logos, branding, graphics and illustrations for local businesses or personal use. Family photo sessions, professional and fine art photos.


2017 — Selected to attend A2RU in Gainesville Florida as a student graphic design representative for University of Nebraska Lincoln.-
Cumulative GPA : 3.7-
Deans List: 2017- 2018-