Sierra Hearn

Holistic Living – Simplicity

I am a designer, illustrator and photographer.

Thesis Statement

Holistic Living – Simplicity

According to a National Health Interview Study, “The percentage of adults who practice yoga has increased substantially, from 5.1% in 2002 to 6.1% in 2007 and 9.5% in 2012.” (nccih) The same study found that “8.0% of U.S. adults (18 million) used meditation” (nccih) After conducting my own survey I discovered that the majority of people when asked why the didn’t practice yoga or meditation answered that they didn’t know how to start or didn’t have time to make it to the allotted class times. As used in the previous sentence, to begin a yoga or meditation “practice” is to be mindfully starting one’s own journey into how yoga and meditation can best suit them and their needs. I intend to provide those who don’t know how to begin with a simple and affordable yoga and meditation kit as well as a website. The kit will include: a set of 31 meditation cards, a Book of Poses Vol I, a set of crystal identification cards, and a set of essential oil information cards. The website will give the consumer information on how to use essential oils, how to use crystals, recipes, and a shop in which the kit itself can be purchased. I intend to extensively research how yoga and meditation and how combining the two can create an experience that is both easy to understand and easy to use. I will also explore how the product can fit into the current market and how it can stand out to those not in the community of yoga and meditation as well as those with an already present practice. My research will include what kind of kits currently exist, as well as stress studies, and the physical and mental benefits of yoga and meditation. The history of yoga and meditation will also be explored to learn more about the practice and it’s roots.

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