Sports Branding

I am a motion designer.

Thesis Statement

Rebranding High School Sports Programs

High school sports programs often find themselves in trademark disputes with college or NFL teams due to logo appropriation. I intend to demonstrate how design can be used to establish the same strong emotional bonds that fans feel towards iconographic beloved professional logos while reflecting unique symbolism and character of a local high school.

By researching the brand identities of many collegiate and professional teams, I will study how symbolism, graphic style and branding are used to create brand identification. In particular, I will take a deep dive into Lincoln High School’s culture to create an identity that is unique to their sports program.

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Nebraska Huskers
Graphic Designer
Designed graphic templates used by the Nebraska men’s basketball team. In an effort to encourage high school players to join the team I was responsible for the creation of custom jerseys and social media posts.

Video Production Intern
Designed and animated motion graphics for social media content. Responsibilities included editing video content for weekly stories and designing the social media content to promote the new stories.

Graphic & Motion Designer
Design logos, branding and graphics for local businesses.




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2018 — Hudl We Listen Intern-
2017 — Adobe Creative Jam People’s Choice Winner-