Tiah Davis-Northway

Experiential Design

I am a creative.

Thesis Statement

Modern Feminist Experience

The “modern woman” needs to balance all which life throws at her while following her desire to be an individual. With society’s continuously contradicting messages on what a woman is meant to be, each woman is forced into the balancing act of her work, her family, her desires and her personal identity. By exploring the stresses faced by women daily, I intend to establish connections between gender, mental health and the concept of self as defined by the philosopher Plato. With this information in mind, my senior thesis is an experience installation based on the discomfort of daily stressors and how this impacts the development of female identity.



Student Involvement
Graphic Designer
Designed posters, logos and advertising materials for student organizations and campus wide events.

Graphic & Motion Designer
Design logos, branding and graphics for student organizations and peers.


2018 — Hixson-Lied Creative Grant-
2018 — Empower Her Scholarship-