Xavier Rodgers

Shaping the
Modern City

I am a designer.

Thesis Statement

Longboard Sharing Service

Transportation plays a vital role in urban life and urban pollution. The demand to support cleaner energy transportation options in urban areas has exploded in recent years. Public transportation systems, electric buses, hybrid taxis, and bike sharing programs are examples of strategies to promote active modes of transportation while decreasing the pollution and congestion. While many mayors and urban planners have played an active role in creating a biking infrastructure equipped with bike sharing options, skateboarding and longboarding remains stigmatized.

I believe the continued marginalization of skateboarding and longboarding in urban environments is due to the lack of education and accessibility. In my thesis I intend to show how boarding can be made accessible, affordable and fun through the use of a longboarding sharing service. By creating this service, I hope to change people’s perception of boarding and provide them with an enjoyable alternative form of transportation. Since skateboarding carries with it a serious risk for injury, I intend use a private app driven sharing system that also promotes safe boarding education while encouraging community cohesion.


University of Nebraska, Engineering Department
Graphic Designer
While adhering to the University branding toolbox, I was tasked with designing a cohesive graphic system unique to the engineering department.  We developed engaging graphics unique to each event that working within an overall system. Project included the creation of advertising, direct mail, posters, digital banners, signage and promotional materials. Responsibilities included the designing materials, mechanical preparation and overseeing print production.

Ruffalo Noel Levits
Professional Student Fundraiser 
Attract, convert, and retain alumni donors through advanced engagement strategies and intelligent multichannel campaigns. Using RNL Personal Journey process I was responsible to discover alumni preferences, connect donor’s passions with communications triggered by their personalized interests.


Recipient of the Kimmel Scholarship (Four Years of Academic Scholarship)-