Adriana Martinez

Health Communication

I care deeply.

Thesis Statement

Thesis Title

As someone who struggles with mental health, my depression and anxiety can get in the way of my daily tasks. It can be hard to take care of myself and remember that everything is going to be okay. My close friends and family have recently been my destination for expressing worries connected to my mental health. When something seems off, I know there are those who can help me out. I also noticed that I was not the only one going through these struggles, I realized that we can benefit from one another by telling each other different resources that will lower the problems we have. This is why I chose to focus on this topic for my capstone.

For this project, I want to provide a buddy for those days that are hard, and you need something to get you through the day. Sometimes, we don’t know where to go for help. Mind my Mood is a website that you go to learn more about mental health and resources that help improve it. You also can make a special box for yourself by answering a few simple questions for us and we’ll customize a box that best suits you. Included in the box are items that will come in handy like teas, candles, and socks on those special days when you need that boost to get through. It comes with a booklet with advice and scan codes for websites that provide you with additional help. I hope this can make a difference in someone’s life.

Through an online ordering system, customers navigate to the box that best fits their mood.

Carefully curated boxes are mailed each month.

Booklet of advice and activities to help customers through their difficult days.


Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Junior Designer: August 2016 — present
Meet with designated staff and prepare flyers for Center’s events and programs; plan concept for design work by studying information and materials provided and meet quick turn-around deadlines, as directed by professional staff and the Director.

Administrative Assistant
Worked as front desk student staff for the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. Promote a welcoming and inclusive environment by checking up on students and keeping a positive attitude; greet guests to the University with a positive and enthusiastic demeanor.

Center for Civic Engagement, University of Nebraska- Lincoln 

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator: April 2018 — December 2018
Utilized marketing and social media platforms to encourage students to connect curricular and co-curricular learning with opportunities to address the critical human needs through service, civic-related research, and social change leadership.